“Oh, there you are, you’ve made it…”


You have found the blog, for this YOU should be congratulated and labeled “Computer Genius”.  This blog is the documentation of the birth of this concept we call BLOCK GALLERY.  There have been many people who have given their support, well wishes, enthusiasm, networks and connections, words of caution, their professional expertise, creative energies and physical spaces to make this gallery different from others.

First of all, I will give you the behind the scenes on how this gallery came to be, where it is at this point and where I intend for it to go in the future.  And I want to do all of this outside the framework of the stuffy gallery jargon.  This one little space, on this vast thing we call the internet, is intended to be a space where you can see what it is truly like in the art world.  This is a space where we can discuss topics that both enhance and plaque this industry.  The concept of BLOCK is not one that is totally original, but is a new take on what galleries could and possibly should be.

The Concept:

BLOCK was an idea that began about a year ago.  The economy busted, which ultimately weeded out galleries that ran the spectrum fiscal from established to emerging.  It’s a fact, art to the general public is seen as a “luxury” item, the first things to go when the expendable income becomes absorbed by the fear, and ultimately, the reality of lost jobs.  Plunging stocks and bursting of the overly inflated real estate bubble, (have I mentioned I hate balloons, therefore those analogies will be kept to a minimum) left the typical art buyers backing away from the gallery doors. With little to no sales, galleries stuck in a still highly inflated lease and yielding high overhead had to make tough decisions.  Many of them called it quits, one of which I was working for during this downturn. From its ashes came this slightly evolved idea.  In speaking with a handful of mid-level artists we were carrying at the time, it became obvious that art needs to not be limited to one space, it needs to infiltrate public spaces to not only enhance the ambiance but to stimulate the sense of community that was still strong under all of the hardships.  There is no better place to do this than in our own communities, in the restaurants where we gather, the salons we use as therapy, the shops where our confidence builds or plummets based on the angle of the mirrors and intensity of the lighting, the Dr. offices that have the taxing job of catering to the health of our bodies.  This art does not just hang on the wall or occupy space, it equally contributes to the quality of our daily lives.

What we do:

We work with you, oh brave and ambitious business owner who has weathered the worst of the worst, to organize art exhibitions and artist reception in your space.  I bring the art, the artists and the plan of action to pull off an opening.  You help choose the work, you host the opening reception and you show off your fresh ambiance for 1-3 months.  After the designated period of time, we start again.  You get amazing art, exposure and the opportunity for new clients and regulars.  We get a great venue to show artwork that is integrated in everyday community activities.  Ahhh, a nice symbiotic relationship wouldn’t you say?

Intent for the future:

There will be a dedicated gallery space, oh yes there will.  Like many things, it takes time, support, and money to build anything of quality.  This gallery starts with a high level of integrity and standards, this should go without saying.  The intention for the physical gallery space will be to host mind provoking exhibitions that will further the careers of emerging and established artists.  There will be workshops at BLOCK that will provide artists the opportunity to build a well-developed portfolio consisting of professional photographs, a self-manageable website, a streamlined artist statement as well as our support.  We also have and idea up our sleeves that will generate revenue for art programs in our community who’s funding has been cut due to the economic slash-and-dash.  There is a lot that is going on now and will continue to grow and it has to start somewhere…

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