Andrew L. Rogers and Anna Valdez

January 8 – April 8, 2015

Andrew L. Rogers

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Banality of your Fashionable Handbag, 2013


Exhibition Statement

We live in a time where social media has provided a platform that encourages us to gather, curate and exhibit our ideal lifestyle. It is with the selection of objects that we convey different facets of our identity. In a similar sense, painting as an idilic medium, is free to be as the artist wishes and yet, abides by a level of responsibility to contain specificity as a method of meaning. Artists Anna Valdez and Andrew L. Rogers work rigorously with this ideology. The paintings in this exhibition consider the act of selecting objects, forms, shapes, patterns to examine our surroundings.

Anna Valdez is a local, Oakland based painter whose work uses domestic objects to source her own, personal history and traditions. Her quilts, family cookbooks and clothing become references for the personal and universal contemporary human experience.

Andrew L. Rogers works in both 2D and 3D painting. His sculptures are reminiscent of stones, precious metals and crystals. Bashfully diminutive in scale, modestly self-aware of their place in art history the pieces are hopelessly optimistic. These sculptures are a homeopathic and altruistic attempt at correcting, healing, rectifying the shortcomings of contemporary visual art. His paintings follow a strict method of mark making to approach aspects of our contemporary culture.