March 5th – May 29th, 2013

Inspired Life Chiropractic

385 Grand Ave. Ste 101

Oakland, CA 94610

Joshua Band

Carling McManus

Roxane Schlumberger

Since it’s inception in the late 1820’s, photography has been used to document moments in time. The photograph itself, emerged as an object, containing both an image and it’s associative memory. The photographs in [BLINK] not only capture a single moment in time, they also offer dynamic vignettes into the continuum of change. This survey of photographs, consolidates a slow evolutionary process into a ‘in the blink of an eye’ occurrence and conjures metaphors for the human experience.

At first glance, the images depict various states of neglect or disarray. However, upon further examination the works reveal moments of surprise, peace and even optimism.  As viewers, we are asked to explore the reality of ‘what is’, picture what ‘used to be’ and imagine what ‘could be’. It is through the simple act of observing does one’s notion of reality begin to widen and evolve.


[BLINK] is an interpretation of Inspired Life Chiropractic’s mission to heal the tensions we store in our bodies.  This tension may be caused by traumatic events or simply, our day to day stresses.  If left untreated the body can begin to wear on itself, manifesting in the form of pain and or sickness.  While the photographs depicts deterioration and neglect, the work also serves as a metaphor for taking the necessary steps to improving your well-being.

Inspired Life Chiropractic uses a variety of techniques to restore the body’s natural ability to heal and thrive. By applying light touch to specific points along the spine and gentle osseous adjustments by hand, ILC’s use of chiropractic allows the body to release stored tension and optimize communication between the brain and body. Dr. Wroebel and Dr. Moseley’s approach to chiropractic works to restore vitality and promote harmony between the mind and body.

BLOCK GALLERY is an art program working to forge collaborations between art and our everyday spaces. By connecting curators and artists to alternative venues, our site-specific exhibitions aim to engage with the culture of our locations, challenge the paradigms of the contemporary art practice and activate the daily experience.

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