August 8 – October 2, 2013
Inspired Life Chiropractic
385 Grand Ave. Ste 202
Oakland, CA 94610

In essence, the term ‘Compulsion’ is applied to an repetitive action or impulse. With the influx of technology it is becoming more common that we find ourselves giving into urges that compel us to work cyclically rather than linearly. This same repetitive behavioral pattern can be approached in relation to an artist’s practice and applied as an insatiable need to create artwork.

Compulsions is a survey of the ever-present urge to make. This selection of text-based work takes the viewer through key triggers of compulsive behavior and include artworks by Jon Kuzmich, Carling McManus and Kari Marboe. Encompassing religion, love, fear, and money, the exhibition highlights these triggers as defining points of ones identity. With the power to subconsciously guide our day-to-day lives, each of these triggers has the ability propel us or hold us back.



This exhibition was inspired by the idea that over time our bodies store stressful or traumatic events. Like clock-work, these stored memories can emerge in the form of pain or sickness around the same time each year. At Inspired Life Chiropractic (ILC) their approach to chiropractic care stems from releasing the body from this cycle to restore balance and overall well-being.

BLOCK GALLERY is a curatorial program that coordinates site-specific exhibitions in alternative spaces. Our exhibitions aim to engage with the context of our locations, expand the paradigms of exhibition making and activate the art experience.

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