In Other Wor(l)ds

February 20 – May 20, 2014

Inspired Life Chiropractic

385 Grand Ave Ste 202

Oakland, CA 94610

Bunnie Reiss
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In Other Wor(l)ds explores the fiber-based makings of the internal worlds created by artists Jeremy Burleson, Tony Pedemonte, and Bunnie Reiss. This exhibition showcases artists who tap into a primal place of making and convey their experiences through readily available materials and an authentic voice unburdened by verbal communication.

As practicing ”Outsider” or self-taught artists, Jeremy Burleson and Tony Pedemonte generate work at the NIAD Art Center in Richmond, CA.

Burleson’s Lamps are an ongoing series that stems from an experience where the artist accidentally knocked over a lamp at Ikea. Finding humor in the moment, Burleson then proceeded to knock over more lamps at the big box store until he was arrested.  Once Burleson finishes a paper lamp, he recreates the moment by knocking the lamp over or invites others to knock it off the table. In addition to Lamps, Burleson also creates hand cuffs from rolled paper.

Pedemonte is enthralled by webs and wrapping. He uses nearby materials ranging from cardboard tubes to his own previously created ceramics, and then wraps yarn or twin around the object to finalize the sculpture. His work is often compared to more widely known Outsider Artist Judith Scott, though the parallel was not one Pedemonte was aware of while creating his work.

Professionally trained artist Bunnie Reiss employs magic and humor within her all-encompassing and imaginative costumes, tapestries, paintings, collages and other worldly environments created from a plethora of found and donated materials. While Reiss’ work speaks to the visual language of Folk Art and a cavalier process of making, the work is in fact highly calculated and sourced from her travels around the world.

The idea of place, time and experience intertwine these three makers and reiterate that the art-world is not a secret place reserved for the rich; rather, it is a point of connection that exemplifies the human experience. These objects are evidence of how life is lived in other worlds.