March 25, 2011 – April 26, 2012

385 Grand Ave STE 202

Oakland, CA 94610

Inspired Life Chiropractic

Interactions is a multi-layered dialogue encompassing the rarely visible connections intrinsic to day to day life. Exhibiting works by Percy Cannon, John-Mark Ikeda and Hava Liberman the show range from interpretations of bio-chemical reactions found in Liberman’s large scale paintings to the traces of ancient Aztec land utility depicted in Ikeda’s aerial photographs, and finally to the emotional responses initiated by Cannon’s fluid paintings.  The inter-connectivity between artist, subject matter, and venue is the base concept of this exhibition.

These works are curated with the intention of creating a deeper connection between art and community. With exhibitions taking place in locally owned businesses, BLOCK Gallery heightens experience by incorporating art that reflects the venue’s platform.  Interactions exhibition reflect the mood and methods used at Inspired Life.  ILC practices alternative spine alignment by unlocking trigger points found in the nervous system. Dr. Wroebel releases years of built up of energy allowing the spine to realign itself. The lasting effects of the treatment range from increased energy, less stress and higher productivity.