Curated by Hayley Ashkenas


December 21, 2014 – March 21, 2015

385 Grand Ave. Ste 202

Oakland, CA 94610

The exhibition’s title, Re/Site is a recitation or retelling of the past.  Through painting, local artist Anna Valdez represents objects that stand for history, identity and culture.  The word “site” speaks to the archeological framework of Valdez’ practice; as she uncovers remnants from her past or private domestic spaces. She shines light on modern day existence as both a personal and collective experience. 

Re/Site includes two distinct bodies of work, Still Lives and Masks and Veils. Her still lives depict objects that are personal and steeped in family history such as quilts her mother made, family cookbooks and her own clothing. Through the details of her private space, she links people, rituals, and objects as she plants a discussion of culture in the same way that an archeological dig may illuminate the history of a people.

The Masks and Veils series grapples with the loss of family history and the stories that were never told. Using the mask and veil to symbolize the power of the unknown, Valdez references a biological and social struggle for identity and self-identification. 

Flat patterns of buzzing color confront stippled dashes of paint.  Her colors leap out at us and hum in dialogue with one another.  While contemporary in feel, Valdez’ work references the complex patterns of Vuillard and the palette of Matisse. It at times she evokes the bold immediacy of David Hockney and the expressive naiveté of Joan Brown.

This exhibition engages with the philosophy of Inspired Life Chiropractic (ILC) in its psychological element.  Anna Valdez’ work is ultimately a search for self-discovery and often for her the act of painting is an attempt to process events and feelings and to heal.  It is a firm belief at ILC that healing emotionally and physically, are inextricably linked. 

Valdez’ work has been featured in many publications including,, Fresh Paint Magazine, and New American Paintings.  She holds a BA from University of California, Davis in anthropology and studio art and an MFA from Boston University in painting. Valdez’ studio is located in Oakland, CA.

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