Domain Apartments
1389 Jefferson St, Oakland, CA 94612

June 26 – September 26, 2014

Opening Reception June 26   6 – 9:30 pm

Toni Gentilli

Hava Liberman

BLOCK Gallery and Domain Apartments are pleased to announce Synthesis, a two person show with works by Toni Gentilli and Hava Liberman. Synthesis is defined as the process of combining multiple elements into a single entity and is most commonly used in the fields of chemistry, philosophy and biology.  Both artists hold higher education degrees in art and science and interject various elements of their scientific experience into their individual art practices.

As a practicing pathologist, Hava Liberman’s Neuropeptides series is based on the chemical interactions that create emotions related to intimacy.  The imagery of Dopamine, Vasopressin and Oxytocin is loosely based on her interpretation of graphics found in science textbooks that depict Amino Acid sequences.  These specific peptides play a role in our everyday interactions with others.

Toni Gentilli draws upon her former career as an archaeologist and combines anachronistic materials and techniques with contemporary sensibilities to explore interrelationships between technology, nature, history and her personal identity.  Gentilli’s Cynaometer Project employs the light based, photographic process of the cyanotype chemical to create 12 images in total, that record the quality of light in the sky the day before selected solar events throughout the course of a year.

The placement of these works within the Domain Community highlights the interactions that go unseen yet play an active role in shaping both  internal and external systems of day to day life. It is ultimately how we assimilate while moving though space that informs the way we interact with others and our environments.