Anaglyphic Collage Series

The subjects exposed in a stereoscopic anaglyph inhabit a similar platform to the dioramic method. Its place, though observed in 3D is as contained and one-sided as a stage, puppet show, or screen. They exist in the realization of drama and function, trapped in a place where character and environment meet for a reason. I am interested in what can be found as well as, concealed through this variable window.

Artist Bio: 

Brynda Glazier is a visual artist and writer who lives, works, and teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2010, Glazier received her MFA and the Dennis Patrick Gallagher Award for Excellence in Ceramic Sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute. Her work was chosen for the Cream from the Top: The Best of Bay Area’s Emerging Artists exhibition, and she presented her writing at the Living Room event at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Her art practice though rooted in sculpture, ranges from oil painting, drawing, collage, photography, mixed media installation, film and most recently, to performance where she acted in D.L. Alvarez and Kevin Killian’s film/live performance, Visitor Owl at SFMOMA. Glazier has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and has been reviewed in The Examiner, San Francisco Art Beat, SF Gate, and The Stranger (Seattle).

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