Four Generations is a playfully nostalgic vision of a future set at the moment in which exponential technological advances lead to a transition from relatable augmented humanity to post-humanity. Naturally this results in a very impressive generational divide in the family of our protagonists.

Many artists make grandiose claims about the effect of their art, but Doug, modest to a fault despite his leading man looks, thankfully lets his bold and original work speak for itself by simply allowing it to forever change the world view and self-conception of every single person fortunate enough to see it. He has achieved what other artists hopelessly, endlessly stumble toward, leaving his body of work to stand alone as a singular polished beacon in a great sea of ineffectual artistic abortions.

The hearts and minds of a worldwide audience have been captured through his predominantly video-based explorations of both the fundamental properties that unconsciously direct human behavior, and the way those properties can be consciously manipulated to alter perception, sway opinion and achieve compliance. Having now created what has been universally accepted as a perfect body of work, it remains to be seen whether artists across the globe might begin to retire en masse since, in the wake of Doug’s ultimate accomplishment, there is really nothing left unattained.

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