Between I and Us emphasizes pronouns and the threshold between the legible and illegible. Inspired by zombie films and love songs, the video explores the blurry line between “I” and “Us.” Director, George Pfau and featured performer, Augusta Lee Collins bonded over the songs and lyrics of Otis Redding and Etta James, as well as snippets of dialogue from films like “Night of the Living Dead” and “28 Days Later,” weaving them together to compose this piece. Visually, the video explores the space that separates and connects a body and its surroundings. Collins’ voice is employed as a boundary crossing device, from controlled to cracking, from “aaahhh” to “aaaiiiiiIIII.”

George Pfau’s artwork deals with the notion of the human body as a permeable screen, in-flux with its surroundings. Stemming from his graduate thesis work at the California College of Arts, he is engaged in a deep exploration of the historical and pop-cultural framework of “zombie.” He approaches “zombie” as a celebration of conversations about legibility, inbetweenness, contradiction, binaries, identity, and death. Much of the art engendered by these ideas is an investigation of how human beings recognize one another, and what assumptions occur when a person or group comes into focus.

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