blissed out copy

First exhibited at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, Blissed Out becomes the icon for the liminal space between the production of advertising and the consumption of spirituality – a sexy new Buddha for this contemporary moment.

In the work, a young muscular white man performs the simple act of a single deep breath while wearing athletic wear from iconic American fashion brands Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle. By using the ubiquitous technology of looping short video (as made popular by Vine, the breakout mobile application of 2013), the solitary breath becomes an endless practice of meditation.

Songco’s obsessive consumption of superficial goods translates into a production of peculiar appropriation. Knowing there’s a lot of stuff out there to play with — things (as objects) and ideas (as language) are his materials. Songco is interested in physical bodies, spiritual narratives, and performed identities. His work produces an infectious feeling of anxiety that can only be alleviated by a) the acceptance of the fluidity of meaning, 2) the impossibility of fully comprehending the absurd, and d) the inability to control your own laughter.

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