Henry House, named after the building where Kari Marboe’s 9th Street Exhibition piece is located, focuses on how past residents transitioned into the space, what they did there, and how to access memories stored within layers of paint on the walls.

Kari Marboe’s practice take cues from, respond to, and become indelibly linked to the spaces in which they have been designed for, or where they take place. She gravitates towards places where the uncovering of histories and information can occur, and where that action leads to a discussion about the possibilities of individual and collective memory storage. Could you keep the memories of past Oakland citizens alive if you sipped from the right fountain? How can we promote memories of good fortune for a local arts organization using an 1800s custom involving footwear?

More information about Kari Marboe and her work can be found at www.karimarboe.com


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Kari Marboe currently lives, works and is debating what to make for dinner in Oakland, California. The artist earned a BFA from California College of the Arts (2008) and a MFA from the University of California, Berkeley (2012). She received the Eisner Award for art practice at UC Berkeley (2012), was a resident at Elsewhere in Greensboro, NC (2012) and created the concept for the exhibition and archive MFA: Now at Root Division (2011). Marboe’s works have lived in spaces such as the exterior wall of the Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA, on the Waffle Shop billboard, Pittsburgh, PA, and within the online journal Trace SF.

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