Dealing with concepts of D.I.Y. home renovation, interior decoration and spatial organization, I create work which exists between definitions of architecture, the prototype, and furniture design. I am motivated by the current fascination with fixing suburbia. From the innovative concepts of the New Urbanists and architectural design firms responding to sustainability and traffic congestion, to the manufactured manipulations of IKEA hackers, bloggers and avid DIY-ers responding to their immediate interior space, there is a creative compulsion to respond to the tract home pandemic. Though they are born from this place of panic, the work appears colorful, irrational and animated suggesting humor and creative aesthetics be part of the solution. I use construction and decorative materials in modular or stacked orientations to reference the reproducibility, easy assembly, transportability and transposability of these objects. By limiting my materials to large commercial retailers like IKEA and The Home Depot, I create a relatable experience which can be transposed onto contemporary suburban dwellers across North America.

Sarah Nantais was born in Brampton, Canada. A graduate of the MFA/MA Dual Degree program at the San Francisco Art Institute, her research surrounds suburban materials and design. She currently lives and works in San Francisco, California. 

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